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Cytomegalovirus peptide pool

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Cytomegalovirus peptide pool.

This pool contains 5 HLA T-cellepitopes from human Cytomegalovirus, which are also part in the CEF HLA class I PLUS peptide pool (BCpep-005). This pool stimulates the emission of IFN-gamma from CD8+ T-cells. The CEF peptide pool HLA-A2 can be used as a positive control in peptide specific ELISPOT; CTL and Intracellular Cytokinassays with human PBMC.

Amount: 5 x 20 µg
Recommended usage For a homogenic solution of this peptide pool preferably use the pre-dissolving solution I (BCpep-011). This solution helps to get a homogenic mixture of the peptide pool. This is necessary in order to generate reproducible results.
Treatment Prepare and freeze 50 µL aliquots (-20°C). Avoid freeze and thaw cycles.
Datasheet For more information on this product please see also the datasheet below for download.