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Custom Oligonucleotides

Please feel free to also use our custom services for the production of modied oligonucleotides:

We are happy to offer you single or highly modied oligonucleotides (DNA/RNA) bearing alkyne
moieties such as C8-Alkyne-dU (BCA-03), C8-TIPS-dC (BCA-08), C8-Alkyne-dC (BCA-07) and
EdU (BCA-09). Other alkyne modications are also easily included into the sequence of your
interest. Moreover you can combine alkyne modications with other standard modications.

We offer ready-to-use custom oligonucleotides as well. We are able to combine standard
labeling chemistry with our click chemistry resulting in highly modied oligonucleotides ready
to be used in your experiment.

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