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2 nd Generation Oligo Kits

The "2nd Generation Oligo Kits" are based on a new solid heterogeneous catalyst. This air-stable, insolube Cu(I) source provided in a ready to use vial (Reactor) along with an activator allows efficient click reactions in both aqueous and organic solvents. Both catalyst and activator result in a much easier ad faster handing including only three steps:

 Oligo-Click kits are now available in two different sizes.
1. Oligo-Click S - optimal for labelling of up to 10 nmol single and double alkyne-oligonucleotide
2. Oligo-Click M - optimal for labelling of up to 100 nmol single or multiple alkyne-oligonucleotide
More than 100 azides are compatible with both Oligo-Click kit generations. Some examples:
Oligo-Click-488 for kits containing FAM azide
Oligo-Click-555 for kits containing TAMRA azide
Oligo-Click Biotin for kits containing Biotin-azide

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