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BaseClick-Kit TAMRA

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The BaseClick™-Kits are optimized for the labeling of single or multiple alkyne- or azide-modified oligonucleotides and PCR fragments via a so-called “click reaction”. These easy-to-handle kits will enhance your research, as they allow the straightforward preparation of labeled DNA and RNA probes fast and with high efficiency.


The BaseClickTM-Kit TAMRA contains chemicals to perform six different sets of click reactions. The reagents in this kit can be used to label at least 380 nmol of terminal alkyne-functions with TAMRA Azide.

Component Amount Storage
5-Carboxytetramethylrhodamine Azide 1 mg dark, - 20 °C
TBTA-Ligand (baseclick grade) 1 unit - 20 °C
CuBr (baseclick grade) 6 x 1 mg dry, inert gas, RT
Click Solution (baseclick grade) 2 x 1 mL RT