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Microsatellite FISH Probes

Multi-labeled Oligonucleotide FISH Probes for the detection of Microsatellite.

The accumulation of highly repetitive DNAs that are dispersed and organized in tandem is a common pattern in eukaryotic genomes [1], [2], [3]. Among tandem repeats, microsatellites or simple sequence repeats (SSRs) are composed of short motifs (2 - 6 bp) and constitute one of the most dynamic types of sequences; SSRs are abundant and can be located in specific chromosomal areas or widely scattered throughout euchromatic or heterochromatic areas [4], [5], [6], [7]. Therefore Microsatellite FISH Probes are suitable tools for cytogenetic analysis, e.g. chromosomal mapping or karyotype analysis [8], [9].

For a comprehensive overview of Microsatellite Distribution in Different Eukaryotic Genomes click here

Microsatellite FISH Probes are oligonucleotides containing the Simple Sequence Repeats. Each probe contains a well-defined number (>2) of fluorophores at well-defined positions of the oligonucleotide sequence.

You can request the custom synthesis of your Probe here, specifying the sequence, the length, the number of fluorescent dyes or haptenes you wish to be incorporated into the Probe sequence (e.g.: Oligonucleotide 24mer with the repetitive sequence (ACT)8 including three Fluorescein dyes at the first, fourth and eighth monomer position).

The probes will contain enough material - 5µL of 1µg/µL solution (10X) - to perform 50 reactions under recommended concentrations.  
We recommend using 100ng of probe per slide/reaction, but different set-ups may be used as well.

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