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The use of highly specific synthetic oligonucleotide (ODN) probes, which have superior hybridization kinetics and lower manufacturing costs compared to traditional genomic probes, is one approach that can be used to perform chromosome enumeration on interphase nuclei by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). ODNs also generally hybridize more rapidly, are more consistent. If highly repetitive sequences e.g. Telomeres or Microsatellite are targeted, properly designed synthetic multi-labeled ODN probes proved to be superior reagents for rapid FISH. Such probes are also competitive in the fluorescent detection of mRNA in cell systems. baseclick offers now these multi-labeled ODNs efficiently produced via click chemistry as effective OligoFISH (OFish) probes.

baseclick FISH Probes for:

  • Higher plants telomers (Arabidopsis thaliana) – Telomeric repeat (5’ to 3’ toward the end) TTTAGGG
  • Vertebrates telomers (Human, mouse, Xenopus) – Telomeric repeat (5’ to 3’ toward the end) TTAGGG
  • Microsatellite (Eukaryotic Genome) - Simple sequence repeats (5’ to 3’ toward the end) – various sequences

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