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EdU DetectPro HTS Kit 488

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The new EdU DetectPro cell proliferation assay is also available for High Throughput screening allowing for a multi-sample approach. The enhanced sensitivity of this new assay is the key to detecting less cells than ever, which is of utmost importance for applications in clinical setting.

Kit contents:

 Vial-label Amount for 2 assays/well plates Amount for 4 assays/well plates  Component Component long term storage Kit short term storage*
Component A
 2 mL  2 x 2 mL 5-Ethynyl-deoxyuridine (5-EdU)  -20°C  
 2 - 8°C
 Do not  freeze


Component B
 1 x 60 µL  1 x 120 µL Eterneon2 GREEN Azide (BCK-EdUPro-HTS488)
Eterneon2 YELLOW Azide (BCK-EdUPro-HTS555)
Component C
 20 mL  40 mL Reaction buffer  2 - 8°C
Component D
 2 mL  2 mL Reactor system  2 - 8°C
Component E
 200 mg  400 mg Buffer additive  2 - 8°C / - 20°C**
Component F ***
 6ml  2 x 6ml Rinse buffer (10X)  RT
* This kit is stable up to 1 year after receipt, when stored as directed.
** When dissolved the component E has to be kept at -20°C for long-term storage. Prepare aliquots to avoid too many freeze and thaw cycles; if the solution starts to develop a brown colour, it has degraded and should be discarded
*** Cautions:
The rinse buffer (Component F): contains hazardous components. Use with appropriate precautions. Keep away from acids to avoid dangerous gases.