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EdU DetectPro Imaging Kit 647

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This brand new proliferation kit works with an enhancer system that is more efficient and allows you detect fewer cells per assay than ever. The signal enhancement leads to dramatic improvement of signal-to-background ratio.

Kit contents:

 Vial-label  Amount  Component Component long term storage Kit short term storage*
Component A
 5 mg 5-Ethynyl-deoxyuridine (5-EdU)  -20°C  2 - 8°C
 Do not freeze
Component B
 120 µL Eterneon2 GREEN Azide (BCK-EdUPro-IM488)
Eterneon2 RED Azide (BCK-EdUPro-IM647)
Component C
 5 mL DMSO  RT
Component D
 2 x 2 mL Reactor system  2 – 8°C
Component E  6 mL Saponin-based reagent (10x solution)  2 – 8°C
Component F
 55 mL Fixation solution (4% Paraformaldehyde)  2 – 8°C
Component G
 2 x 400 mg Buffer additive  -20°C**
Component H
 4 x 2 mL Reaction buffer (10x)  2 – 8°C
* This kit is stable up to 1 year after receipt, when stored as directed.
** When dissolved the component E has to be kept at -20°C for long-term storage. Prepare aliquots to avoid too many freeze and thaw cycles; if the solution starts to develop a brown colour, it has degraded and should be discarded