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Introducing the new and enhanced EdU DetectPro Kits

GmbH is very excited to announce our newest innovation: a new and significantly enhanced click-chemistry based EdU “DetectPro”-Kit for the analysis of cell proliferation.

The baseclick DetectPro EdU kits provide a superior alternative to BrdU and [3H]thymidine assays by incorporating the thymidine analogue EdU during DNA synthesis and then using click chemistry for detection in a variety of dye fluorescent readouts. Because of this, no antibody based detection and therefore no DNA denaturation is required.

The new DetectPro Kits combine all the advantages of their very popular predecessors - the EdU Click Kits - with a brand new fluorescence enhancer system. This makes them just as easy to handle and as reliable, while showing outstanding efficiency and greatly enhanced signal and sensitivity.

Profit from:

  • Exceptional sensitivity and enhanced fluorescence signals
  • Lower copper concentrations needed
  • Better signal-to-noise ratio
  • Optimized for low content HTS and Flow Cytometry analysis
We offer the new DetectPro Kit for three different ranges of application: cell proliferation analysis by imaging, by flow cytometry and by high throughput screening analysis (HTS). For detection in fluorescent micrsocopy imaging and flow cytometry, the Eterneon2-488 Dye Azide (FITC alternative) and the Eterneon2-647 Dye Azide (Cy5 Azide alternative), for HTS applications the Eterneon2-488 Dye Azide and the Eterneon2-555 Dye Azide (TAMRA alternative) are offered.

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