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EdU in vivo Kits

Our in vivo kits are designed in a sense that you combine one of our three baseclick EdU cell proliferation kits such as:

1.   Imaging kit (BCK-IV-IM)
2.   Flow cytometry kit (BCK-IV-FC)
3.   High throughput screening – HTS kit (BCK-IV-HTS)

You can select above kits with the dye of choice and the right EdU content for your animal model.
Depending on your animal model or the number of animals to be tested you can choose between three kit sizes S, M and L with increasing EdU content, as indicated in the following table.

  Kit size Content of EdU
  S 50 mg
  M 500 mg
  L 1000 mg
(Other EdU amounts available upon request)
For more information please refer to the Manual.

This EdU in vivo kit allows detection of cell proliferation in whole animals, showing no toxic effects. Cell proliferation is detected in different organs by applying click chemistry. In healthy mice cell proliferation is nicely detected in lymphnodes, but not in other organs showing the reliability of this baseclick method. The shown in vivo experiments were performed in collaboration with a third party after having received the allowance of the local authorities.


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