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PCR-Click 488

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Baseclick’s PCR-Click 488 labeling kit contains all reagents required for generating highly labeled PCR products via an easy-to-handle two steps method based on click chemistry. This kit is used for the synthesis and labeling of alkyne-modified DNA via PCR and copper catalyzed click reaction. The labeling of alkyne-modified PCR fragments with 6-FAM Azide via copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC; Click Chemistry).Labeling rates (% of fluorescently tagged bases) of the labeled PCR product can be adjusted by the amount of marker azide  06-FAM Azide, used in the click reaction.   Labeling rates of up to 20 % and even more can be achieved.

Kit contents :

    Shelf life
100 μL Alkyne-dT-Mix (dATP, dCTP, dGTP
and C8-Alkyne-dUTP, all 5 mM in water)
-20 °C 6 months
100 μL Alkyne-dC-Mix (dATP, dTTP, dGTP
and C8-Alkyne-dCTP, all 5 mM in water)
-20 °C 6 months
210 U Baseclick Polymerase (5U/μL) -20 °C 6 months
300 μL PCR Buffer (10 x) -20 °C 12 months
100 μL MgCl2 ( 50 mM) RT 12 months
180 μL Activator -20 °C 12 months
120 μL 6-FAM Azide (10 mM in DMSO) dark, -20 °C 6 months
30 x Solid Catalyst (Reactor-S) dry, RT 6 months