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Baseclick GmbH receives EU funding

for the fourth time in five years.

Once more, baseclick GmbH was awarded from the European Commission with a three years funding for its latest project “LightDyNAmics”. This project is part of an interdisciplinary European education and research network and funded through the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions.
The main goal of LightDyNAmics is to understand the extremely fast and dynamic processes at the molecular level that result from the absorption of UV light by DNA. Furthermore, the mechanisms that can cause photo damage in the genetic code are investigated.
Fifteen “early stage researchers (ESRs)” will be trained by leading scientists of international research laboratories and companies and one of these junior scientists just started his training as a PhD candidate at baseclick. The dedicated research project hereby will focus on new fluorogenic compounds to decrease reaction time of bioconjugation reactions in combination with the use of less copper in the system. In this way, copper-sensitive molecules (such as some antibodies or cyanine dye conjugates) can be addressed, which until now could only be conjugated inadequately. In addition to that, novel dye conjugates should be found showing fluorogenic and/or light-inducing properties only after the click reaction. In the future, the goal hereby is to eliminate completely the background signals and to promote the in vivo application of click reactions.
“We are very proud that not only our previous research was rewarded with this new grant but we have also the opportunity to understand nucleic acid and its interaction with certain influences as part of this outstanding consortium. This could lead us to identify new detection channels and to discover new applications", so Dr. Thomas Frischmuth, CEO of baseclick GmbH.

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