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Baseclick celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Celebrating our success story with numerous guests such as our customers, partners, coworkers and stakeholders and a list of fabulous speakers we have had a great evening in a glamorous atmosphere in the Literaturhaus Munich.

The evening started with the welcome speech of PD Dr. Thomas Frischmuth, our CEO. Thomas also passed on personal greetings and congratulations from Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Barry Sharpless, the inventor of the click chemistry concept and a friend of the company founders and leader.  

The innovative impulse to implement these click reactions to DNA and RNA came from Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell of the LMU Munich. With this idea he laid the cornerstone for the company in 2008. In his keynote speech, Prof. Carell explained how extraordinary this invention was, considering that copper as a catalyst seemed absurd at first sight. However, this copper-catalyzed cycloaddition allows a nearly unlimited functionalization of both, small synthetic oligonucleotides and large gene fragments with high efficiency without destruction of the nucleic acids when using optimal conditions.

The Vice President of the LMU, Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt congratulated the company and her dear colleague for recognizing this invention and appealed to the Ph. D. students to remain motivated in researching.
The potential of this discovery by the Prof. Carell group was also recognized by the shareholders of BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, which were interested in the establishment of a company. The Managing Director, Markus Solibieda of BASF VC GmbH, did not miss the opportunity also to address his greetings to the guests. With four key words namely excellence, chance, timing and patience he found the right words and appreciation for the company members, investors and founders.

With a last charming speech before the fabulous celebration party from Mayor Harald Zipfel of the community Neuried, in the southwest of Munich where baseclick has its head office, another open day was planned at baseclick. If you don’t know this company then you should mark the date in your calendar and drop by. The date will be set in the next months by the community of Neuried.


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