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Introducing the new and enhanced EdU DetectPro Kits

We at baseclick are very excited to introduce our latest innovation: the new and enhanced EdU DetectPro Kits for cell proliferation assays.
The new family of EdU DetectPro Kits combines all the advantages of our popular EdU Click Kits with a brand new fluorescence enhancer system. They are as easy to handle and as reliable as their predecessor, while showing outstanding efficiency and a greatly enhanced signal and sensitivity.

Profit from:

  • Exceptional sensitivity and enhanced fluorescence signals
  • Lower copper concentrations needed
  • Better signal-to-noise ratio
  • Optimized for low content HTS and Flow Cytometry analysis
We offer our enhanced DetectPro Kits for three different ranges of application: cell proliferation analysis by imaging, by Flow Cytometry and by High Throughput screening (HTS).

Cell proliferation analysis by imaging
This brand new proliferation kit works with an enhancer system that is more efficient and allows you detect fewer cells per assay than ever. The signal enhancement leads to dramatic improvement of signal-to-background ratio.
Available Kits:

Cell proliferation analysis by Flow Cytometry
The new and special DetectPro dye system within the detection procedure allows for higher sensitivity as well as for a better signal-to-noise ratio by significantly diminishing the background without altering the outstanding fluorescence levels.
Available Kits:

Cell proliferation analysis by High Throughput screening (HTS)
The new EdU DetectPro cell proliferation assay is also available for High Throughput screening allowing for a multi-sample approach. The enhanced sensitivity of this new assay is the key to detecting less cells than ever, which is of utmost importance for applications in clinical setting.

Profit from our latest invention, which will allow you to monitor genotoxicity, evaluate anti-cancer drugs, analyse cell cycles or assess cell vitality with fewer cells than ever.

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