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Baseclick presents at Falling Wall Venture in Berlin, Germany on the 08.11.2016

baseclick is proud to announce the election and participation at this years Falling Walls Venture event.

Falling Falls Venture honors and promotes start-ups with excellent scientific, social and breakthrough potential ideas by stimulating exchange between young professionals, scientists, experts and investors. Elected start-ups get the chance to present their outstanding ideas and products to the distinguished jury. Making the world a better place by breaking walls is obviously, why this conference and venture was initiated and is still so highly appreciated by scientist, Nobel Prize winners and politicians. Generating a great and sustainable impact on our environment and thus improving the life situation for many people is the greatest goal for every scientist apart from understanding nature’s fundamental principles. This is also valid for the founders and researchers of baseclick GmbH, who have invented a technology platform in the areas of synthetic materials chemistry, nanotechnology, chemical biology and nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) chemistry for e.g. the detection and deactivation of genes, with the aim to generate personalized treatments for modern medicine. Therefore, we are be honored to be elected to present our concept and future ideas at his years Falling Walls Venture.

You can follow the Falling Walls Venture Conference in life stream through the host’s website.

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