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New Triphosphates

A new range of modified nucleoside triphosphates and biotin nucleotide analogs is now available

Baseclick is excited to announce a new range of modified triphosphates and biotin nucleotide analogs for click chemistry, opening up new possibilities for your research.
Our new products include base modified nucleoside triphosphates, phosphate modified nucleoside triphosphates and biotin nucleotide analogs.
Base modified nucleoside triphosphates
These new triphosphates (BCT-09 - BCT-12) are modified with an aminoallyl linker on the base, making them suitable for all your labeling purposes. You can conveniently functionalize them for your click chemistry applications with for example our BCL-014 NHS-C3-Azide linker or our other linkers.
Phosphate modified nucleoside triphosphates
Our alpha-thio-modified NTPs (BCT-13 - BCT-16) are a valuable molecular tool. They convey resistance to DNA cleavage by nucleases and introduce nicking sites for nick translation. Phosphate modified nucleoside triphosphates are also suitable for PCR applications and phosphorthioate-based sequencing.
Biotin nucleotide analogs
Biotin is among the most common labels for the generation of nucleic acid probes for in situ hybridization, electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA) and gene expression profiling because of its stability, safety and ease of handling. Due to biotins strong affinity to avidin and streptavidin, these nucleotide analogs and the DNA that they are incorporated in can be conveniently captured, purified or detected using pulldown-assays.
We now offer base modified biotin nucleotide analogs (BCT-17 - BCT-20) with different linker lengths to cover all your biotin labeling needs.
Click Here to browse our new selection of triphosphates today and find valuable tools of the highest quality perfectly suited for your research projects.

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