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New Phosphoramidite for Click-Chemistry

Phosphoramidites are widely used in chemical solid-phase synthesis of DNA, RNA and other nucleic acids and their analogs. baseclick is proud to offer you a wide range of modified phosphoramidites for click chemistry applications. They ensure solid-phase synthesis of high quality modified DNA and RNA oligonucleotides and allow for their subsequent bioconjugation with excellent efficiency via a click reaction.
We are excited to now be able to introduce the newest member of the phosphoramidite product-family, our new BCA-25 TIPS-Ethynyl-dU-CEP. This TIPS-protected phosphoramidite allows for even higher yields and purer products than the already highly efficient unprotected Ethynyl-dU-CEP.
Making your research projects more affordable than ever, we also now offer the the BCA-01 Hexynyl-CEP and BCA-09 EdU-CEP at a permanently greatly reduced price.
Browse through our modified phosphoramidites today and find just the right products for your next project!

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