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Meet us at the FNANO16 conference in Snowbird, UTAH, USA on 11-14 April, 2016

Baseclick will participate in this year´s conference on the foundations of nanoscience (FNANO), which is focused on self-assembled architectures and devices. 

As full partner in the European School of DNA nanotechnology (EScoDNA), baseclick sets out for investigating new application fields of modified nucleic acids. Recently the baseclick researchers have shown a very efficient and powerful way to create 24 interlocked catenanes by one-pot multiple click reaction using the so-called DNA origami technique. The article was published in Angewandte Chemie, Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 7795-7798. (see News archive).
The FNANO16 conference brings together the leading scientists in this DNA nanotechnology field and other disciplines. We will be happy to meet you there for scientific discussions and information on our products and services. If you want to speak to our CSO, Dr. Antonio Manetto or our PhD student, Valentina Cassinelli please let us know in advance by “contact us”.

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