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Baseclick products now available through Sigma-Aldrich.

Baseclick products are now available through the Sigma-Aldrich catalog.  Customers all over the world can now purchase baseclick´s superior EdU cell proliferation kits via the Sigma-Aldrich website.

About the products: The direct detection of cell proliferation is of utmost importance for the monitoring of cell vitality, determining genotoxicity or evaluating anticancer drugs. The baseclick EdU (5-ethynyl-2’-deoxyuridine) cell proliferation assays provide a superior alternative to bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) assays. baseclick’s EdU-Click Assays are not antibody based, and therefore, do not require DNA denaturation for detection of the incorporated nucleoside. Instead, the EdU-Click Assay utilizes “click chemistry” for detection in a variety of dye fluorescent readouts. Sigma-Aldrich distributes these kits for microscopic imaging, flow cytometry, high throughput screening and for in vivo cell proliferation applications. “This cooperation and use of the Sigma-Aldrich vendor platform opens a way for us to increase the awareness of baseclick and the accessibility of our high quality products to customers worldwide,” said Dr. Thomas Frischmuth, CEO of baseclick GmbH.

baseclick GmbH is a young and dynamic ISO9001:2008-certified company with its head office located in Neuried, Germany, close to Munich and was founded in 2008 with the shareholders of BASF SE, Ludwigshafen the LMU Munich. The core of the baseclick technology is the "click reaction," a copper catalyzed cycloaddition allowing virtually unlimited functionalization of both small synthetic oligonucleotides and large gene fragments with unprecedented efficiency. “The Scripps Research Institute” patented the “click chemistry” of the inventor B. Sharpless, Nobel laureate 2001. Beside its own patents, baseclick holds an exclusive worldwide license for the use of click chemistry technology in the field of nucleic acids and offers this technology in research, diagnostics and, increasingly, the pharmaceutical development by modification of RNA molecules.

Dr. Birgit Oberleitner
Head Business Development and Marketing 
Floriansbogen 2-4; 82061 Neuried
Email.: b.oberleitner@baseclick.eu

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