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New baseclick article on cell proliferation.

EdU an alternative to BrdU for cell proliferation assays.
Dr. Brigit Oberleitner, Dr. Antonio Manetto, Dr. Thomas Frischmuth, Biospektrum, 2014, issue 02.188.
Short description of the article:
The use of BrdU (5’-bromo-2`-deoxyuridine ) is a widely accepted method for the detection of cell proliferation. Despite the good performance, this method has yet shown some disadvantages, such as the destruction of the target DNA in order to allow the antibody- driven calorimetric / fluorescent detection of newly synthesized cells. This harsh, DNA destructing attack on the system can be overcome by using EdU (5’-Ethynyl -2`-deoxyuridine ) as innovative method based on click chemistry. In addition to the low detection limit and the low toxicity the EdU cell proliferation assay is also faster since e.g. the step of DNA denaturation for the detection of antibodies is eliminated.

The detection of cell proliferation plays not only an important role in cell imaging or in the diagnosis of genotoxicity, but also in various other fields of the life sciences such as the evaluation of anti-cancer drugs. Therefore we want to describe herein a new method for bioconjugation based on the so called click chemistry. This highly efficient strategy which aims to act as an improved alternative for various applications to the widely used antibody based 5’-bromo-2 `-deoxyuridine (BrdU) method.
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