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Interesting Life Sciences News

16th August 2018
BioNTech enters into collaborationship with Pfizer on the development of influenza preventing mRNA-based vaccines.

10th August 2018
FDA approves first siRNA drug “Onpattro” (Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) for the treatment of polyneuropathy in adult patients.

10th July 2018
BioNTech partners with Genevanat Science to discover rare disease mRNA therapeutics.

Our Mission, Technology & Key Products

As leading pioneer in high-end nucleic acid modification & conjugation, we understand ourselves as transformative enabler for the development of new and value added applications, e.g. single-molecule NGS sequencing, best-in-class cell proliferation tests, engineered mRNA,…

Based on our perfected bioconjugation concept, we offer ready-to-use clickable products, custom oligos as well as our powerful technology next to product development services.