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What are the shipping costs to my country?

For ordering information as well for information about the shipping costs to your country please follow this link or contact us directly at support@baseclick.eu

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What is the baseclick polymerase?

Our baseclick polymerase has been optimized to support the incorporation of clickable nucleotides into our DNA sequence derived from enzymatic synthesis by standard PCR. The composition of our baseclick polymerase is confidential. It has an exonuclease proofreading activity. This polymerase is included in our innovative PCR kits.

What are the Eterneon dyes?

Our novel Eterneon dyes are a special class of ultra-stable fluorescent dyes. Having well separated peaks of absorbance and emission it is very convenient to characterize your sample with very sharp and strongly fluorescent signals.
This new class of dyes are oligothiophene based, uncharged and not pH sensible.

My click solution turns brownish can I still use it?

The quality of your CuBr is very important for the positive outcome of your click reaction. The CuBr catalyst is sensitive to air, water and oxidative reagents. Before performing your actual click reaction we recommend you to perform a simple quality test of your catalyst. If your catalyst turns brownish upon addition of the click solvent it is most likely degraded. Please use a new batch of CuBr. The right appearance of the solution after short mixing should be transparent yellow-greenish to green.

What is the yield of click reactions?

The nature of click chemistry is that it works in very high yields, fast and efficient. Under optimal conditions, quantitative yields are normally achieved. Highly concentrated of very weak concentrated samples showed a bit lower yields (of normally still more than 80%) without optimization and purification of the click reaction product.

How toxic is EdU compared to BrdU?

Our studies have shown that there is no cytotoxicity of EdU in cells with concentrations up to 10mM even upon incubation for at least 48 hours. For more information and results please contact us directly

What can negatively influence the click reaction?

The copper catalyzed click reaction as we use it is of course influenced by all kinds of copper complexating reagents. Please avoid reagents like e.g. EDTA or other tertiary amines in your reaction mixture. Some buffer components can decrease the reaction efficiency or even impair reaction process. For example TE buffer contains EDTA, which can chelate CuII ions and decrease the reaction rate. Thiol groups from reducing agents like b-mercaptoethanol or dithiothreitol (DTT) can stop the CuAAC reaction.
Additionally, the quality of the reagents used, especially of the used ligands is very important for high quality results. We recommend using baseclick ligands as they are specially purified.

What does baseclick mean by shelf life?

The shelf life of each product is stated on its data sheet. This information means the period after receipt of an order for which we guarantee the specified quality on this product. If the product is stored as directed, the product will meet these specifications at the first opening and usage. Upon appropriate handling of the compound, this should be valid also for subsequent usages.
Anyhow, each product underlies different specifications and unpredictable factors (e.g. inert atmosphere, evaporation, light exposure, moisture) which can influence the product´s fitness once opened and stored in your hands for some time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the same specifications after opening and extended storage.