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Your partner for highly reliable and fast cell proliferation assays and nucleic acids labeling.

Baseclick was founded in 2008 by BASF VC and the LMU Munich and has since provided companies, laboratories and scientific institutions worldwide with high quality products for life sciences and click reagents. We are based close to Munich, Germany.

Baseclick is your specialist for innovative solutions in the life sciences. We offer products based on click chemistry for efficient, sensitive and modular labeling of nucleic acids. Current areas of application are, among others:

Innovative technology for nucleic acid labeling
Whether you want to use EdU cell proliferation assays, PCR-labeling kits, FISH-probes,
(highly-) modified oligonucleotides or just reagents for click chemistry, baseclick is the
address to refer to. Baseclick offers the most efficient and reliable labeling technology on the
market thanks to the proprietary method based on click chemistry.
Besides offering chemicals and kits for a successful click reaction, we will be glad to support
you in your research and development.
Our  Philosophy 
Working in the field of click chemistry modification of nucleic acids since the discovery of this
high-performance technology, our mission is not only to advance research in DNA based
technologies but also to minimize customer costs as well as to provide high quality products.
Our expertise in this field has led to research and development collaborations with leading companies in pharma, life science and biotechnology as well as academic laboratories.
Quality Management
We are committed to operating our company under the highest quality principles and thus
adhere to the disciplines and control of a quality management system conforming to the
international standard ISO9001:2015.
Delivering uncompromising quality of course also depends on the honest feedback of our
customers and we would very much like to thank you for this and for your continued support
and cooperation.
While we are already right on track regarding our quality standards due to our ISO certification and our business philosophy and ethics, we are continually looking to improve our products and services even further according to our credo: We believe in quality and deliver the same
Quality Control
Within our quality management we have implemented systematic activities in order to
maintain high quality standards. Our test and measuring equipment is installed and underlies
regular checks. We have optimized working procedures allowing for thorough quality testing of all our chemicals enabling us to guarantee high baseclick quality of our products.

Baseclick has been awarded several research grants from the European Union as partner / beneficiary organization. Please find below the corresponding websites for more information on the partners and the projects.

- The European School of DNA Nanotechnology (EScoDNA): https://escodna.eu/
- ClickGene: http://www.clickgene.eu/
- Light Dynamics: http://www.lightdynamics.eu/
- DNA Robotics: https://dna-robotics.eu/