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The copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) is the most prominent example of a group of reactions named Click Reactions. According to Sharpless` definition, these reactions are characterized by high yields, mild reaction conditions, and by their tolerance of a broad range of functional groups. Typically, the reactions require simple or no workup or purification of the product. The most important characteristic of the CuAAC reaction is its unique bioorthogonality, as neither azide nor terminal alkyne functional groups are generally present in natural systems.


Working in the field of Click Chemistry modification of nucleic acids since the discovery of this high performance technology, our mission is not only to advance research in DNA based technologies but also minimizing customer costs as well as providing high quality products. The staff of baseclick combines expertise in the fields of nucleic acids and Click Chemistry. This expertise has led to research and development collaborations with leading companies in  pharma, life science and biotechnology as well as academic laboratories.


What we offer

Whether you want to use EdU cell proliferation assays, PCR-labeling kits, FISH-probes, (highly-) modified oligonucleotides or just reagents for Click Chemistry, baseclick is the address to refer to. Via our patented click chemistry technology, baseclick offers an efficient and reliable labeling technology for licensing. Besides selling chemicals and kits for a successful click reaction, we will be glad to support you with your research and development.